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The JN&D Calendar 12th October - 1 year anniversary - 22,000+ views!


JN&D Site Sensei
Albert Einstein:
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!"

While some say that Einstein never said this, there is a lot of truth in the quote!

HOW THE JN&D Calendar got started.

With a background in the BJC and with kids enjoying the challenge of competing in Judo, it soon became clear that there was many interesting competitions and events outside the "BJC bubble".....but finding and scheduling them wasn't that easy.

So after spending a lot of time on the 3-4 main judo federation event websites and trying to keep up with interesting events being posted on multiple FaceBook pages/groups, to find events for my kids to attend, I got frustrated and created the JN&D Calendar.

The JN&D Calendar includes events from all and any GB judo federation along with events not listed on the federation websites:
Masterclasses-Randori-Training camps- Charity events - Social Events - Courses - etc.

Some Numbers:
  • 718 Judo events published to date.
  • Top Instagram likes - approx 1,500 (JN&D Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jnd_calendar_forum/ )
  • Highest day JN&D Calendar view rate - approx 800 views in 24 hours.
  • Highest JN&D Calendar FaceBook post reach - approx 19,600 people. (JN&D FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/JudoNewsDebate/ )
  • Highest JN&D Calendar FaceBook post engagement - approx 1,300.
  • Twitter - no relevant statistics, JN&D Calendar events are currently set to be tweeted 14 days prior to the event date as "an entry reminder". @judonewsdebate

........the reaction by the GB Judo community?

An ambitious target set when we started for the JN&D Calendar to achieve 1,000 views per month after 1 year.

With the 1 year anniversary,12th October 2019, and over 22,000 views being reached, the JN&D Calendar has exceeded its target by over 80%.

(Both creation date and viewing numbers appear on the JN&D Calendar)

So there can't be any doubt that the JN&D Calendar has become a popular asset within the GB Judo community!
..........despite little or no support by the GB Judo federations!

Many in GB Judo know the frustration of emailing their federation for info or guidance........and waiting.....and waiting......for a response.
The JN&D Calendar has tried to strike up cooperation with federations but so far, with no result and in many cases, no email response.

We have even received one ridiculous legal claim about some sort of "creative copyright" to publicly listed events by a BJC Area -Bucks.
It was decided that our time was better spent on improving the JN&D Calendar than engaging in discussions with the BJC Bucks area committee about this claim. So we don't list their events on the JN&D Calendar.
When the exclusion of events request was repeated by the BJC Avon area committee, we took the same position and have avoided posting their events on the JN&D Calendar.

Anybody wanting information about events in these areas can request them from these
BJC area committees (click) or find them on the BJC events calendar.

The Future..........

There are lots of improvements we want to make:

  • Better tagging & categories.
  • Better event logos display.
  • Increased federation non-listed events.

.......but where we can probably improve the calendar the most is by informing the users of the many "tricks" that makes it an easy scheduling and info-distribution tool!

Many Judo clubs/groups use WhatsApp & Telegram groups for communication between coaches & members/parents.

The JN&D Calendar being on an Open & Free platform for anybody to use (no JN&D Forum membership required - also free), anybody can share an event by clicking the share icon (top right) via:

Email - Messenger - WhatsApp - Telegram - Twitter - .....and many other platforms, approx 180.
(These shares are actually performed by the calendar software and don't get logged as JN&D Calendar views at the moment.)

group or individual share.png

From personal experience, this reduces the endless questions coaches/volunteers/organisers get:
(Sharing an event via this share function includes all the JN&D Calendar event details!)

  • What day was the competition...again?
  • What time is weigh-in?
  • What is the address.... again?
  • Etc!
Whether your personal preferences want a calendar view in any of the 4 possibilities:
Calendar view options.png

You can also:
......and if you have an event you want to appear on the JN&D Calendar, you can submit it directly (click).
(Many of the organiser details and locations are already listed in the drop down boxes!)

All "How to........." tutorials can be found here (click).

Finally......politics in GB Judo :sick:.........yeah, the JN&D FaceBook page is banned and blocked from posting on GB Judo Underground, BJC Judo and some other pages/groups.
Control & limiting distribution of information while maintaining the status quo in GB Judo is commonplace and widespread.....and so is online bullying and trolling.

Times are changing and we recently had a complaint that we hadn't shared the 2019 Commonwealth Judo Championships FaceBook posts by the JN&D FaceBook page in a FB judo group.
It transpired that the JN&D FaceBook page had requested to join this particular group......but had been rejected!

On the subject of the 2019 Commonwealth Judo Championships, we embedded the 3 Tatami live streams on an open page/platform and tried to make the page as easy to use as possible........ and spread the info as far as we could via FaceBook!

This required some work by us.......but it did increase the viewing figures for the BJA YouTube channel and thereby, hopefully makes an argument for repeating live stream at some British Judo Competitions?

The posts & engagement figures for a selection of GB Judo FaceBook pages/groups during the 2019 Commonwealth Judo Championships in GB Judo are interesting.

Commonwealth judo champs week page statistics.png

The JN&D FaceBook page is ranked 6th, based upon the amount of likes, so feel free to like the JN&D FaceBook page (click)......or just follow the page so you get the news feed in FaceBook.

The JN&D Calendar & Forum have no paid employees & receive no funding. It is an Open and Free grassroot initiative to improve event attendance and improve the spread and performance of GB Judo - "simples" :)!