NSPCC Campaign & GB Judo


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Within GB judo, outside the "BJA family" (BJA/WJA/NIJudo/JudoScotland), there is to my understanding only one established cooperation, between the BJA & BJC in this area!*

So, in effect, since a sexual relationship between a "person of trust", a sports coach for example, and 16/17 year olds currently isn't illegal and can't be prosecuted. A coach that is caught currently won't be prosecuted and could possibly join another federation and pass a DBS check!

My personal opinion is that I would like to see GB Judo federations take steps to be ahead of UK legislation and be clear and tightly defined in Child Safeguarding including 16/17 year olds.
So when the next child abuse scandal in UK sports hits the media headlines, GB Judo could step forward as a leader for others to follow!

*The BJA safeguarding department has expressed an interest in expanding this cooperation with other GB judo federations!
To be updated.......