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Due to the continued deletion of threads in the BJC FaceBook group, without reason,
I have created a category BJC Discussions category (click) where JN&D members can discusss BJC issues without censorship.

Discussions will have to be within the JN&D forum's T&R (terms & rules click) and be conducted without trolling/bullying/harrasment of JN&D members.
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When will the bjc move forward bring there contest rules in line with ijf rules so it makes it easier for there members to train and fight in most comps the same as bja members
Probably never!
President Otani seems more interested in possibly introducing a new BJC rule about Tori remaining standing for a throw to score than making the BJC an attractive judo federation for youth.

The tragedy is the many young judokas that never will realise their potential. The BJC has a terrible retention when BJC youth reach 12/14+ and find out there is a big judo world outside the BJC and they aren't competitive in the BJA competitions if they remain in the BJC family.
A bit like realising Santa Claus isn't real! :eek:
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