New JN&D calendar categories and how it works.


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Ok, we all know the BJA event calendar doesn't contain all the JudoScotland/WJA/NIJudo events, not sure why, there are people employed to enter events in all of these organisations within the BJA family, it shouldn't be that complicated.....if it was a priority of the line-managers.

We have contacted the BJA/JS/WJA/NI to cooperate on improving events listing throughout GB and thereby, hopefully, event organisers get better attendance to their events.
Boring stuff like cooperating on search algorithms, categorising and tagging.

2019 - Cancelled Judo events we know about (click).
(Feel free to contact us if there are any errors in this listing)

For those who, by now, aren't interested in reading more about this - click home (top left of this page) - see what event categories have been created - check them out - email/message or comment if you find something wrong/incorrect or would like a new event category created and it will happen quickly!

If you are involved with an event and it isn't listed it is either because:
  1. We are unaware of the event - email, message or comment below and it will be created and appear on the JN&D Calendar quickly and in the relevant categories.
  2. We have not categorised/tagged your event correctly - email, message or comment and it will be correctly quickly and appear in the relevant JN&D categories.
The JN&D Calendar is free and public for all users anywhere in the world.......and free to have events listed on.
Considering the high rate of views it gets, up to 1,5oo views per week, this is projected to increase throughout 2020, if 3-5 min of online work supplying us with details to get your event 1?-3?-5?-10?-50? or more participants?....not bad return for a few mins of work?

To those that enjoy a moan about something in GB Judo, here is an opportunity to have a moan about an event being incorrect or wrongly categorised, see your moan paying off by issue being corrected fairly quickly. (target time - within 48 hours!)

Unlike others, we will in fact actively encourage people to moan about things and won't delete negative/moans and replace them with positive comments!
That's how things get improved!

V2 published RS 22 Oct board min about removing negative comments on FB 22 Oct 2019.png

For those that haven't gone to check categories and maybe to find something to have a moan about........................;) on.

Some people may be computer/calendar savy and able to use the category and tagging search on the JN&D Calendar themselves, others may not be.

So, to ensure events are easily found by all, the JN&D Calendar will, throughout 2020, be developing the use of JN&D event categories and tagging - and list events by dedicated categories for JN&D Calendar users.

Are you particularly interested in KATA, for example, and tired of trying to find KATA events on multiple event calendars, FaceBook pages and groups?
KATA EVENTs 2020 (click)

We can create any category anybody wants; u8 festivals, Level 4 ranking competitions, Dan grading, Safeguarding courses, u16s, etc. and add it.
The combinations are endless.

Users don't need to check the main JN&D Calendar for new events having been listed there since when we, for example, enter a new KATA event to the main JN&D Calendar, we will categorise it as KATA event, and the event will automatically appear in the KATA EVENTS 2020 listing!
If an event is changed, we make the change and the changes will appear instantly.

CLUBS - Events/players,parents:

If you are a coach/club volunteer and want specific events for your players and parents to view and consider?

Why not request these specific events for your use, we can create the dedicated category for you and your club, players and parents.
You can distribute the event info via Instagram, FaceBook, WhatsApp, your website and the people you share it with can quickly check out an event and register!
When the event is approaching and you get the multiple questions, where, when, is there parking, what time is weigh-in.........either refer to the listing you have already sent them (most with google map for the event location for navigation).....or send everybody the link again and they have all the details, in writing with directions, timings and maybe event entry list, mat running order, etc.

(If you don't want others to know what events you are promoting to club/players/parents, we can also cater for this.)

In the "wonderful" world of GB judo politics, some see the JN&D Calendar as a rival/competition to others, federations, factions, event calendars/federations/???
  • On price, we will always win any competition/rivalry since nobody pays the JN&D Calendar or Forum anything....for anything.
  • If there was a rivalry/competition going on, we would happily lose this since that would mean the judo community were finding other calendars better and we can shut down the JN&D Calendar and do something else useful.......
    • a club finder app that local councils promote on their website which increases club recruitment:eek:?
    • a "free to use" online live event video channel and scoring app:eek:?
    • an event notification system so players/parents are notified about when their group is competing and which mat:eek:?

One of my personal moans about GB judo is the amount of work clubs/volunteers/coaches/committees are laboured with (usually for £0,00) by the federations that each year charge clubs and members fees for affiliation, grading, etc.....and keep increasing the amount of unpaid work required, year by year.

The cooperative low judo membership in the UK judo membership, compared with other European countries, is in my humble opinion, directly due to the amount of work that is expected to operate a club, leaving little energy to recruit and improve retention.

So, please do use the JN&D Calendar to make your work a little easier and in return, all we ask is that you inform of events that need listed and any errors in our listings.


PS, there are about half a dozen events in 2020 we have been asked not to list on the JN&D Calendar, which we of course won't!
We have also been asked not to tell anybody who has made this request, so of course we won't.
We still aren't clear why so please don't ask, we don't know!
We do wish these events all well and hope they make loads of bucks!
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