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Gis required.


JN&D Site Sensei
"Hi all,

Recently, I was able to successfully get some funding from Sport England to start a Judo Club at the school I work in with the aim of delivering free Judo sessions to young people in our community.

I'm looking to buy some mats to get started in September, but I'd like to ask for your help in supporting those students who may be in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant or who might otherwise be unable to buy the necessary equipment.

If anyone has any old judogis that are sitting around at home that could be donated for our most vulnerable students it would be beyond amazing.
I'm happy to do some running around to collect and can do a reasonable drive from the Reading or Walsall/Wolverhampton areas. Otherwise happy to collect from people at gradings/competitions where possible.

Please PM me for any further details.

Thanks in advance


Copy/Paste from the Heavyweight Judoka FaceBook page.

Sean Hatton can be contacted via FaceBook - otherwise, please message me and I can pass on message.